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By Los Angeles Curator Dale Youngman


Amber Goldhammer is best known for creating vibrant, abstract paintings with a street art edginess. Building upon layers of bold colors and sweeping gestural movements, her newest work includes positive messages of love and hope, written in a graffiti-style script. The mixed media series is a testament to Amber’s own emotive interpretation of the ebb and flow of her life’s experiences.


Growing up in Oregon, Amber spent time with a creative grandmother, who instilled in her a love of art. She spent hours exploring various artistic outlets, including painting, photography, sewing, and jewelry making. She also became a dedicated gymnast, choreographing her own routines, and became State Champion two years in a row.

She excelled in the performance aspect of her chosen sport, until injuries forced her to stop. But her creative expression continued, especially when painting and experimenting with various pigments, powders and waxes, and utilizing various techniques to achieve textural interest.

Amber studied under master artist and mentor, Rassouli, the founder of the Fusionart movement that aims to marry Eastern mysticism with Western art techniques. It is guided by a “fusion” of artistic expression from the heart, reflecting “what is felt, rather than what is observed.” Through this training she now paints with pure freedom, and expresses her emotions through her paintings.

As love and joy are paramount emotions in one’s life, Amber hopes her series incorporating the “I Love You” message will expand in various forms to reach a wider audience. Connecting people through the visual language of public art is one way she believes her street murals can impact lives, as it is impossible to view her work and not feel a sense of joy and love.

Fashion power house Isabel Marant loved Amber's work so much that it is featured in her Spring 2021 Collection. Strutting the runway during Paris fashion week, Amber's collaboration graced the models and was featured in Vogue.


Amber has worked with large hotel groups including Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group, which made her art a permanent fixture in all 74 hotel rooms at Hotel Wilshire in Los Angeles. She has also worked with Kimpton Epic Hotel, Miami and Kimpton Shinjuku, Tokyo.


The STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas now encompasses Goldhammer’s art on the entire circular floor 109 stories up which is the tallest observation tower in the USA. As guests enter, her vibrant, graffiti-style art wall coverings embrace the viewer as they take in the bold 3D, textural messages contained throughout the spacious floor.

Hollywood took notice of Amber’s signature style. Casting Networks, the leader of casting and audition software had Amber brand their headquarters with her art. She created a wall mural, branded logo and art for the entire offices, including eight of their branch locations worldwide.

With ongoing concurrent exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States, Amber has also had international success with exhibitions in Toronto, Canada, Hong Kong and Zurich, Switzerland. Her artworks have been showcased in print and online publications, and on such TV series as “Million Dollar Listing,” “Being Mary Jane,” “The Catch” as well as both multi-Emmy® nominated series, “Crazy Ex- Girlfriend”, and “Scandal.” Goldhammer’s art is also featured on the Netflix’s best original series, “G.L.O.W.” as well as HBO’s "Silicon Valley" and Disney’s "Lizzie McGuire". Notable collectors include Graeme Hart, Allison Scarinzi, Peter Dodd, Katie Lowes and Kevin Hart.

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